15 Loose Canine

Loose Canine

Paintings on wood

Loose Canine is a pseudonym and alter-ego. It is an identity that is separate and distinct from its owner – who is dull and full of self-imposed limitations and worst of all, a cat.

Loose Canine is free and fearless. It paints other animals and thinks of them as symbols of peace, strength, truth, harmony, and chaos.

Loose Canine paints energy and traces its constant flow and stir. It’s about moving paint, making lines and shapes and piling on layers until the work is finished with its maker. It paints with artists’ acrylic and latex house paint on hard surfaces. Image quality is somewhere between wood-cut printing and random doodling. Influences include native American art, wood-cut printing, and engraving. LooseCanine thinks like a dog, which is not too much.