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Tour des Arts is a non-profit organization involved in promoting the artists and artisans of the area and provides a means of education for the general public concerning the creative process.
The Tour des Arts is not only an opportunity to sell your work from your home studio but you are also engaging yourself to be an active part of the TDA community and its proper functioning.

Eligibility & Responsibilities


Members must:

  • Reside in Sutton, Abercorn, Knowlton, Brome, Mansonville (Potton) or certain parts of West Bolton or East Bolton.
  • Be professional artists or artisans.
  • Have a studio at their residence where they can receive the public. (Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.)


Artist/Artisan must:

  • Be present in your studio from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm each day of the Tour.
  • Be in the Tour des Arts brochure.
  • Be on the Tour des Arts website.
  • Participate in the group exposition at Arts Sutton during the TDA.
  • Attend the Vernissage (held on the Friday before the start of the Tour) and bring some finger food or a punch.
  • Place AND remove your signs according to regulations set by the Ministere des Transports
  • Use only TDA signs.
  • Volunteer for a job on one of the Tour des Arts committees and contribute to the functioning of the Tour des Arts in a meaningful way.
  • Attend all 3 general meetings (fees apply if missed).
  • Participate in fund-raising events as the need arises.
  • Display in your studio ONLY YOUR OWN WORK that you have created.
  • Offer daily demonstrations of your creative process/craft at the assigned hour
  • Keep track of the number of visitors you receive during the tour
  • Prominently display in your studio all the posters you receive from the TDA
    (Evening Events Poster, Vernissage Poster, Application Poster etc.)
  • Produce a minimum of 10 raffle tickets filled out by visitors to increase the Tour des Arts mailing list, preferably on the website.
  • Tour des Arts strongly suggests that you purchase liability insurance for the duration of the Tour to protect you from claims in case one of your visitors has an accident on your property.
  • Domestic animals must be confined to areas away from the public.
  • You have the option of taking non-consecutive one-year sabbaticals.
  • If you wish to add an additional medium to the one for which you were juried, or you wish to change from one medium to another, you are required to inform the executive and may be asked to submit these new works for jurying. (For example, if you have been juried as a painter and you subsequently wish to sell sculptures during the Tour).
  • Voice any concerns you may have at any General Meeting.
  • To ensure your spot on subsequent Tours you must bring the raffle tickets, catalogue, questionnaire and cheque for fees to the first General meeting.
Fees and deadline


  • The annual membership fee is $373 for 2021. Fee will increase annually by 2%. The Tour des Arts is a non-profit corporation. Your fee pays for advertising and production costs.
  • New members also need to include a cheque for the $150 deposit for their signs.
  • Cheque is due at the first AGM in October

MAIL CHECK of $523 ($373 fee + $150 deposit):
Tour des Arts
116 Jackson,
Brome, QC
J0E 1K0

  • You must become a member of the Arts Sutton gallery (membership fee $50)
  • Organizers do not retain any percentage of artists’ sales. 100% of the proceeds of the sales you make during the Tour are yours.
  • Collective exhibition at Arts Sutton: Arts Sutton takes 35% of sales at the gallery during the Tour.


All applications must be received by August 31th 2020

Under certain circumstances, the Administrative Council may elect to extend the deadline.


  • Application must be complete
  • Participating artists are selected by a jury comprised of practicing professional artists.
  • Applications are juried relative to the artistic merit, professionalism, integrity, craftsmanship and originality of the art represented in the images, the artist statement and the CV/bio submitted.
  • Artists will be informed of the jury's decision electronically approximately six weeks after the deadline date.
  • Selected applicant will receive a studio visit to verify that:
    • The artist creates the majority of his/her work at their studio
    • The creative process of the artist can be demonstrated to visitors during the Tour
    • The studio conforms to basic minimum requirements as to safety and accessibility.

In a case where the studio falls short, the representative may offer suggestions as to ways of improving the studio, and may make another appointment to re-visit the studio, where appropriate.

  • Mentor: The Tour will try to assign a mentor to each new member to guide him/her and answer questions as the Tour approaches.
  • Probation period: New members are on probation for their first year of the Tour.
  • All jury decisions are final.
  • Successful applicants are required to participate at the Annual General Meeting at 7pm on the first Friday in October.
Images & Filenames


IMPORTANT - Photos must follow these rules:

  • No frame, no border, no logo, no watermark or added signature
  • JPG File – Landscape format
  • Max weight per file: 3Mb
  • The required dimensions (width & height) are specified in the form.


Filenames must absolutely follow these rules:

  • Allowed characters are the 26 letters of the alphabet, the numerals (0, 1, 2, …, 9), the dot (.), the underscore (_) and the hyphen (-).
  • Filenames must not contain special characters, accented characters, and no space. Some special characters (apostrophe, quotation marks, parenthesis, etc.) prevent the proper upload of your form.
Information before completing the form


1. Brief description of work :

Flyer text : French text first followed by English version. Maximum number of characters: 70
Ex: Art céramique utilitaire / Functional clay art

2. Biography / artist statement:

Summarize your artistic practice—including medium(s), themes, techniques, and influences. Between 80 and 140 words.

  • The bio should open with a first line that encapsulates what is most significant about your work, rather than opening with biographical tidbits, such as where you went to school, grew up, etc.
  • Helpful questions to answer:
    • What medium/media do you work in?
    • What is your style like?
    • What themes are represented in your work? What is it about?
    • What about your technique is unique or different from other artists?
    • What is the first thing people notice about your work?

3. Your detailed CV/Bio: PDF, DOCX file


Please take special care when taking your images - no blurry, poorly lit, poorly cropped photos etc. Your images must meet the stated technical criteria.

Images of your work - flyer:

3 photos in order of preference that best represent your work (one of the three will be included in the flyer)..
IMPORTANT - Photos and Filenames must follow the specified rules. The required dimensions are:

  • width of the image must be 2100 pixels
  • height of the image must be 1500 pixels

Images of your work - website

IMPORTANT - Photos and Filenames must follow the specified rules
Minimum width of the image should be 1500 pixels
12 photos including:

  • One photo of you (working or not): An image of the artist working is more appealing than a static portrait.
  • 1 to 3 images of studio, landscape and outdoor garden (summer only): Images of your surroundings, beautiful gardens or interesting views on or around their properties
  • 10 photos of your work (must include all medias that you are applying with. May include the 3 top photos)

Check all information on your form before sending. Once your form is completed, a confirmation of your application will be sent to your email.

Sending your form depends on the number and size of the images provided.If the loading time exceeds several minutes, please check that the filenames meet the defined standards. If you have difficulty submitting your form, please contact Tour des Arts.

IMPORTANT TIPS : Before completing the form,
please have all texts and images ready.