11- Geneviève Duplessis

Geneviève Duplessis

Art screen printing, limited editions

Serigraph artist since 2016, I explore silkscreen printing with great respect for traditional technique, and a deep pleasure to experiment on the fringes of these.

In a world of digital images, hand-screen printing has become for me a sweet compromise between drawing and photography. From my own drawings and photos, I create and produce serigraphs. The image commands, it manifests itself, expresses itself.

The materials, inks and paper, respond to the invention, and vice versa. Manually printed in limited numbers, each print is a unique work of art in its own right, signed and numbered. I love screen printing because it lends itself naturally to the game of unveiling an abstract form opposed to the figurative form of an image. A supple coming and going between the two emerges from it.