23- Michel Beaucage

Michel Beaucage #23 4 des Viréos St., Knowlton 514 885-5502 michelbeaucage7@gmail.com Demo: 11:30 AM NEW Back to the map Painting and drawing A gestural painter, Michel Beaucage has earned a name for his unique creative expression. His works both refer to the visible world and reflect suggestive perceptions. The interplays of abstraction and representation evoke…

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22- Robin Badger

Robin Badger - Tour des Arts 2022

Robin Badger #22 67 Bailey Rd., West Bolton 450 242-2836 robinbadger@sympatico.ca http://www.robinbadger.com Demo : 11AM Back to the map Functional pottery, art pieces Robin Badger’s pottery is created in porcelain on a potter’s wheel and glazed in cobalt blue. It is dishwasher, microwave and oven friendly, made to be used and enjoyed everyday. After 27…

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21- Robert Chartier

Robert Chartier - Tour des Arts 2022

Robert Chartier #21 67 Bailey Rd., West Bolton 450 242-2836 robertchartier@sympatico.ca www.robertchartier.ca Demo: 2PM Back to the map Functional clay art As a clay artist, Robert Chartier works on one of a kind pieces, inspired by the textures and shapes present in nature. From serving platters to bird baths and vases, Robert’s work is both…

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20- Lucy Pietraszkiewicz

Lucy Pietraszkiewicz - Tour des Arts 2022

Lucy Pietraszkiewicz #20 3 de Glen Rd., West Bolton 579 488-6479 lucypietraszkiewicz@gmail.com www.shoplucypietraszkiewicz.com Demo: 10 AM Back to the map Handcrafted jewelry Lucy’s collections are a tribute to the natural beauty of the Eastern Townships. Lucy’s brand is unparalleled for its minimalist bohemian style. Semi-precious stones, pearls, found treasures, sterling silver, and leather, are used…

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19- Shelley-Lynn Page

Shelley-Lynn Page - Tour des Arts 2022

Shelley-Lynn Page #19 36-2 de Glen Rd., West Bolton 450 242-2663 glassgarden@sympatico.ca Demo : 12PM Back to the map Original works of stained glass Shelley’s stained glass creations can be uniquely crafted and ordered to suit the space, imagination and needs of the buyer. Also, Shelley has numerous examples in her studio available for adoption/sale)…

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18- Savannah Jones

Savannah Jones - Tour des Arts 2022

Savannah Jones #18 56 de Glen Rd., West Bolton 514 953-7775 savannahjonesjewellery@gmail.com savannahjonesjewellery.com Demo : 12PM Back to the map Fine jewellery My pieces are a combination of the timeless aspect of life and culture that weave the natural world into the quiet sensuality of jewellery. Mixed with meaning, the colour pallets of each piece…

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17- Michel Dufresne

Michel Dufresne - Tour des Arts 2022

Michel Dufresne #17 31 Mason Rd., West Bolton 514 793-3240 mdufresne@dufresne-strategies.com Demo : 11AM Back to the map Lutherie – plucked strings instruments Vibrations for the joy of hearing. Music instrument design for the beauty of artworks. The suspense associated with creating a musical instrument reaches its peak when the instrument is ready for its…

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16- John Davidson

John Davidson - Tour des Arts 2022

John Davidson #16 14 des Hauteurs, West Bolton 450 243-4120 davidson.john356@gmail.com https://johndceramics.ca Demo : 1:30 PM Back to the map Ceramics-Raku, pit-firing and more I spent my professional career at Dawson College. I have always been involved in arts and crafts. This has included furniture making, stained glass, ceramics and carpentry. Over the last 10…

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15- Francine Denault

Francine Denault - Tour des Arts2022

Francine Denault #15 5 des Hauteurs Rd., West Bolton 450 243-5676 francinedenault@hotmail.com https://francinedenault.com Demo: 11:30 AM Back to the map Painting, engraving, mosaics There are signs, traces that constantly come back to permeate the canvas. The purpose of my artistic language is always to harbour evolution, stimulate reflection and find resonance between nature and the…

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14- Jacynthe Comeau

Jacynthe Comeau - Tour des Arts 2022

Jacynthe Comeau #14 783, rte Missisquoi, Bolton Est 450 292-0366 comeauciel@hotmail.com Demo: 10 AM Back to the map Painting From simplicity to essential meaning. For her, creating a piece of art requires a day observation so one can be able to catch a fleeting moment wich could turn out as a painting. That’s why being…

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