39- Daniel Dufresne

Daniel Dufresne - Tour des Arts 2022

Daniel Dufresne #39 30 Des Mûriers, Mansonville (Potton) 514 233-7480 danieldufresne28@yahoo.ca Demo: 11AM NEW Revenir sur la carte Oil painting Self-taught, I work by intuition. I paint from the heart as I believe that my paintings will first touch emotionnaly the people who look at them. I am inspired by what I feel when I…

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38- Potton Valley Quilters

Potton Valley Quilters - Tour des Arts 2022

Potton Valley Quilters #38 Reilly House302, rue Principale, Mansonville 450 292-4362450 538-2091 nicolebrunet.m@sympatico.ca Facebook Potton Valley Quilters Domo : 4PM RETURNING Back to the map Quilts, wool blankets, fibre arts, embroidery and decorative items Formed in 1986, this group of women from the Mansonville and Brome County area meets to learn and practice the art…

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37- Almut Ellinghaus

Almut Ellinghaus - Tour des Arts 2022

Almut Ellinghaus #37 107, Ruiter Brook, Dunkin (Potton) 450 775-4189 almutjazz@gmail.com www.almutellinghaus.com Demo : 12PM Back to the map Sculpture My sculptures are reflections on a woman’s life: ponderings embodied in gesture, intent caught in movement. Sometimes just a fold in the wedged clay will remind me how it felt to stretch out on the…

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36- Stanley Lake

Stanley Lake - Tour des Arts 2022

Stanley Lake #36 107, Ruiter Brook, Dunkin 450 292-3835 s.lake@granby.net www.stanleylakepottery.com Demo: 10 AM Back to the map Garden Art, functional & decorative pottery Be the talk of your neighborhood. Enhance your garden with these beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade works of art. Fountains, goddesses, wall fountains and scarecrow heads are all made from high-fired stoneware clay…

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35- Geneviève Duplessis

Genevieve Duplessis - Tour des Arts 2022

Geneviève Duplessis #35 78, ch. Fitzsimmons, Mansonville 514 277-6547 genevieveduplessis@sympatico.ca https://togpotton.com Demo: 11:30 AM Back to the map Art screen printing, limited editions Serigraph artist since 2016, I explore silkscreen printing with great respect for traditional technique, and a deep pleasure to experiment on the fringes of these. In a world of digital images, hand-screen…

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33- Normand Bleau

Normand Bleau - Tour des Arts 2022

Normand Bleau #33 545, rte 139 Sud, Abercorn 450 538-3870 normandbleaubijoux@gmail.com https://www.normandbleaubijoux.com Demo : 11AM Back to the map Jewelry, Painting, Sculpture Paintings- I make use of the canvas by sculpting it, working with the movement and the colors to transform the piece into a new object. Jewelry – All jewelry models are hand carved…

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32- Philippe Chevarier

Philippe Chevarier #32 684 rte 139 sud, Sutton 450 830-1299 philippe.chevarier@gmail.com Demo : 10:30 AM Back to the map Garden art Clay as a material for sculpture allows one to create work quickly and the possibilities are diverse and fascinating. I choose to sculpt human heads, intended to be enjoyed in the garden. I create each…

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31- Christiane Roy

Christiane Roy - Tour des Arts 2022

Christiane Roy #31 684 rte 139 sud, Sutton 450 538-4242 roy.chevarier@gmail.com https://christianeroy.weebly.com Demo : 11AM Back to the map Prints, drawings, commission Christiane Roy has been engraving for more than 30 years. In her studio, you can learn the technique of engraving with a burin on copper or plexiglass plate. You will also see how…

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30- Ewa Scheer

Ewa Scheer - Tour des Arts 2022

Ewa Scheer #30 1001, ch. Old Notch, Sutton 438 829-3864 ewa.scheer@gmail.com Demo: 11:30 AM Revenir sur la carte Painting, drawing, photography Like so many others I am trying to make sense of the world. My search for meaning expressed itself through pencil drawings, drawings with fragments of photographs, paintings, photography, and conceptual works of ephemeral…

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29- Rasa Pavilanis

Rasa Pavilanis - Tour des Arts 2022

Rasa Pavilanis #29 1292 Macey Rd., Sutton 514 952-5007 rasapav@gmail.com https://www.rasapavilanis.com Demo: 10 AM NEW Back to the map Oil painting Rasa Pavilanis, a Sutton artist, uses oil paint to explore themes reflecting the human-nature relationship in her landscapes and horse portraits. Inspired by the natural world as well as by Lucien Freud, Willem De…

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