28 Katka Hubacek

Katka Hubacek

2D & 3D wall art, prints

My creative life is a winding road motivated by my passion for art and underlined by my fears. Born in Switzerland to Czech parents we moved to Canada when I was 3. I grew up in Sutton, went to Montreal to study Scenography at the National Theatre School and then Halifax for a Costume Studies Diploma. I worked as a designer in theatre & film for over 10 years but in 2008 I started to craft my own work and began showcasing all over Canada. I started with recycled plush toys & leather bags, then I discovered an even greater love; illustration.

After having two children they have made me more determined to explore my sensitivity, femininity & vulnerability in my painting and mixed media art. My aim is to present more personal and emotionally truthful work that highlights the splendour and at times painful moments of everyday life.